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George & Ulli Hertwig


Born in Austria to German and Hungarian parents, George moved to Canada in 1975, while Ulli grew up in Germany. As newlyweds in Bible college they learned of missions among First Peoples and followed God´s call. The Hertwigs first served among the Dene (Slavey) of NWT, then the Nakoda Sioux of Alberta. "The humility, loyalty and friendship we have experienced working with First Nations believers has become one of the greatest blessings in our lives," they say.


Tim & Kathy Whatley


Tim Whatley was born in Nova Scotia and raised in the jungles of Asia-Pacific as a son of a missionary family. He and his wife, Kathy, served as church planters in the Moi tribe of Asia-Pacific. Today there is a thriving church there and Tim uses his experience and passion to challenge the North American church to take an active role in missions. In 2010 the Whatleys moved to Ontario when Tim became director of NTM Canada´s senior leadership team.


Dave & Judy Wright


Dave & Judy Wright have been church planters among the Mengen People of Papua New Guinea, serving with New Tribes Mission. They were part of the team that reduced the Mengen language to writing, to teach and translate God´s Word. Today there are two churches and two church plants there, and the Wrights have moved to a new ministry in Canada - adapting church planting/discipleship materials in partnership with First Nations believers.


Allan & Esther Giesbrecht


Allan grew up on a farm near Ft. St. John, BC, and Esther as a "pastor´s kid" living several years on a Montana Indian Reservation. Married in 1977, the Giesbrechts farmed for six years until the Lord brought missions into focus. They trained at Moody Bible Institute´s aviation program and then joined NCEM. Their first posting was Salluit, Arctic Quebec, followed by aviation ministry in Canada´s northeast, and leadership in NCEM´s church planting action plan.

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